41st Granada Book Fair
A picture, a thousand words
Client Granada Book Fair
Year 2023
  • art direction
  • packaging
  • visual identity

Is a picture worth a thousand words? Illustrated books, children’s stories, graphic novels, comics… A book is not only made up of words and the 41st edition of the FLG honours those genders where literature and illustration go hand in hand, foregrounding both disciplines.

El Marqués is in charge of bringing this edition’s poster to life, and the graphic identity is developed inspired in his illustrations and color palette. In the author’s own words, his proposal represents de infinity of realities and worlds that a kid can live through reading. On their own, each illustration represents each section of the book fair.

Harbour from Alias Foundry, a typography inspired by manual calligraphic strokes, works as the link between Image and Word, between illustrations and the different graphic applications related to the book fair’s program and communication.