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We are Plácida, an independent studio specialized in projects de
web design
In the digital era, new communication channels have become an indispensable sales and projection tool for any type of business. Through web design, we create attractive and functional sites, faithful to the central values of the brand.
visual identity
Each visual identity project we carry out is based on concepts that synthesize and represent the essence of a brand, as part of a whole, beyond a mere logo. We create corporate identity, naming, graphic applications or brand redesign, from a functional and strategic approach, so that it remains in the memory of the audience and is lasting over time.
Packaging is decisive when it comes to stimulating the act of purchase. It represents the first contact, and the first generator of sensations, that the consumer has with the product. Under this approach, we design labels, products, packaging and containers in accordance and attractive, as a visual synthesis of the brand, attributing greater value, impact and relevance to the final product.
Environmental design
Un buen diseño generará relaciones y experiencias espaciales de gran interés para el usuario. Nuestro concepto de identidad de espacio concilia funcionalidad y la oportunidad para las marcas de proyectar una estética y un mensaje coherente a través de la elección de materiales, iluminación o el mobiliario acertado. Colaboramos con arquitectos e interioristas para crear stands, tiendas, espacios corporativos o exposiciones.
editorial design
It is the framework in which a given publication is transmitted, read and enjoyed. We take care of every detail from the global layout of the piece, to the specific treatment of the graphic elements that make up each page; also in the digital publishing world.
art direction
We build visual codes integrated into specific aesthetics and environments with which to transmit ideas, concepts or emotions in the service of each purpose. Together with photographers or illustrators, we take care of the strategic part of the project, organising and coordinating teams throughout the creative process.