Del Muro al Museo
Colección de carteles del Museo Casa de los Tiros
Client Museo Casa de los Tiros
Year 2023
  • Fotografía Cris Beltrán
  • Environmental design
  • art direction
  • editorial design
  • visual identity
  • web design

«Is a poster a piece of art? Time ago this genre stopped being simply a notices transmitter to become an interesting medium of artistic experiments. Whether for advertising or publicity purposes, posters have always been a showcase for products, events and ideas, and their aesthetics are parallel to the techniques and artistic movements of the time.» Casa de los Tiros Museum.

The Casa de los Tiros Museum preserves an interesting collection of local posters subjected to a global preservation intervention. Those more representative have been selected to give form to this exhibition under the title Del Muro al Museo (From the Wall to the Museum).

Its graphic identity works as a modular system that contains, gives order and classifies the whole poster compilation. Horizontal lines are the graphic synthesis for walls. They way these lines are combined with the exhibition title reflex the journey of the posters from the street walls to the inside of the museum. For that, the title is divided in two: the first one, DEL MURO (From the Wall) is only limited by one line to represent the outside; the second part, AL MUSEO, (to the Museum), is wrapped between two lines as the closed space of the museum