Literature and arts festival
Client Little
Year 2018
  • Photo Adrián Nieto
  • Environmental design
  • art direction
  • editorial design
  • visual identity

Chavea is an art and literature festival for families. They have undertaken the challenge and risk of organising beautiful and profound activities which revolve around books and their aim is not to segregate leisure by age, but for their activities to be accessible to people of all ages.

We chose a font as the main means of communication of the brand. It’s a custom-made modular font created with simple geometric shapes, inspired by the avant-guard, in particular a book called ‘La infancia de las Vanguardias’. This movement played a hugely important part in the changes that drawing and children’s educational games underwent in the 20th century.

The result is a multitude of different shapes, textures and colours that invite children to be imaginative and have fun while at the same time creating an attractive image for adults.