Quick-assembly doors
Client mr15
Year 2019
  • Photo Manel González
  • art direction
  • editorial design
  • packaging
  • visual identity

Design and innovation in 15 minutes. Mr15 is a company that manufactures door frames of a unique style and structure. The novel design of these frames is a result of a commitment to innovation and attention to detail and spaces, which allows for a complete installation in 15 minutes.

Mr15’s clients are mainly professionals such as architects, or construction companies, so we wanted to achieve a technical and industrial image. For their visual identity we took the modular structure and the assembly of the frames to represent their characteristics, construction and the way they are put together.

As a contrast to the necessary industrial image of the brand, we used green as the main colour along with recycled sustainable materials. This refers to the production process of the frames, which is clean and creates no residues or waste.