Graphic Design Studio
Client Colectivo Verbena
Year 2023
  • Environmental design
  • art direction
  • editorial design
  • visual identity
  • web design

Verbena is a graphic design and audiovisual studio located in Granada. It’s a space where creativity and a well-done job are celebrated as open-air party (the translation for the spanish word “verbena”).
For the visual identity redesign we approached it as an evolution of the original graphic brand. The previous symbol was an inverted triangle that referred to the inicial letter V as well as a paper garland, an iconic element in a “verbena”. We turned it into a equilateral triangle to gain stability and balance, and inscribed it in a circle as a synthesis and connection between the two elements that decorate the streets during an open-air party: paper garlands and lanterns. Deconstruction of the new symbol provides new graphic resources to develop brand applications. 

As corporate typography we used At Haüss Mono, from the neighboring foundry Arilla Type, providing timelessness, elegance and order.