Granada, punto de mira
Cycle of conferences
Client Museo Casa de los Tiros
Year 2019
  • art direction
  • editorial design
  • visual identity
  • web design

‘Granada, punto de mira’ (Granada, in our sights) is a series of conferences, whose common thread deals with the role our city has as a inspirational destination for travellers, intellectuals and creators of all kinds and eras, as well as the way in which their time in Granada has contributed to inspiring and creating new cultural tendencies.

We chose a visual system which makes a direct reference to the name of the conferences and created a graphic identity with as many variations as the number of themes that this series of conferences deals with. Not only does it represent the heterogeneity of the talks, but it also allows for a dynamic, unique graphic code for each category, which generates different variations of the circle and a physical representation of a ‘sight’. In order to emphasise the diversity and multiplicity of conferences which take place every year in the museum, we used an open colour code.