Modesta Cassinello
Solid Hair Essence
Client Modesta Cassinello
Year 2020
  • Photo Cris Beltrán
  • art direction
  • editorial design
  • packaging
  • visual identity

Modesta Cassinello is Mediterranean cosmetics and is inspired by the ingredients and habits of this culture. Its hair line has been increased with three new products, H05 shampoo and H06 conditioner in solid fomato and HO7 shampoo with sea salt.

H05. Solid shampoo with grapefruit essence. H06. Solid conditioner with almond oil.

The graphic image is resolved with the use of a reduced black and white palette and a classic serif typography that gives the cosmetic line its own personality and unisex language. In this way, the visual identity is aligned with the purity of its formulations and its botanical essence, represented by the photographic use of the packaging.

H07. Absolute sea salt shampoo

The H07 shampoo alludes directly to the sea with sea salt as its fundamental ingredient. It is a shampoo that is not for daily use, designed for a weekly treatment. Using the marbling technique, we create a pattern that changes in each piece of packaging as a graphic synthesis of the sea in movement and its infinite number of forms.