Modesta Cassinello
Mediterranean cosmetics
Client Modesta Cassinello
Year 2018
  • Ilustración Ramón Soler
  • Foto Bruno Herrera
  • art direction
  • packaging
  • visual identity

The Mediterranean is what inspires the new line of hair products by Modesta Cassinello. Transmitting comfort and a botanical essence, they are aimed at men and women all around the world who find this kind of lifestyle appealing.

We set out with the aim of avoiding a static representation. We created a visual system with different layers which would allow for the inclusion of new future products, sets and merchandising of all kinds. To achieve this we based our work on a dynamic graphic system that revolved around the Mediterranean, which was possible to adapt to different physical and digital formats.

This cosmetic line is functional simple and effective, but at the same time it manages to transmit sensations which connect directly to the Mediterranean. We focused on the scenery, the land and the sea in order to achieve an aesthetic result which is both dynamic and colourful.