Consulting group
Client Effice
Year 2018
  • Naming Ramón Soler
  • art direction
  • editorial design
  • visual identity
  • web design

Camainco, now known as Effice, entrusted us with the complete redesigning of their brand. They were looking for something which was more in keeping with their core business. We created an identity which works as a visual system and serves as a base from which all the various graphic elements were created. Our aim was to build an identity which was timeless and long lasting but at the same time functional.

We created a neologism from three words: efficiency, effectiveness and office. Efficiency and effectiveness are the main values of their services which take place within the concept of an office, where the entire team of consultants making up this business are housed.

As a symbol we have used an irregular polygon which implicitly portrays the principle of growth, which along with the message ‘we grow together’ gives a meaning to the new identity of this Peruvian firm.