Fresneda & Zamora
Architecture studio
Client Fresneda & Zamora
Year 2017
  • Foto Javier Callejas
  • art direction
  • editorial design
  • visual identity
  • web design

Design, avant-garde and functionality: those are concepts always present in the projects developed by Fresneda & Zamora. An architecture practice that puts in value practicality and useful design, guiding the available means to the user’s needs, without sacrificing the plasticity of a clean and contemporary architectural language.

Its works are defined by the simplicity of the structural elements, by the geometric composition and by the absence of ornamental elements. An architecture based on proportions and materials as an expressive element.

This design job focuses on generating a brand that propels the essence and the way that characterizes Fresneda & Zamora architects works. The goal was to develop a resounding, neutral, clean, lasting, and, most importantly, unadorned brand, designed to its minimal expression.

All of the above conformed a visual container system impregnated by the practice’s distinctive values, bringing a leading role to concepts such as flexibility and duality.