Arquitectura para vivir mejor
Client Arquitectura Yedra
Year 2022
  • Motion Rafa Galeano
  • Foto Pelayo Arbués
  • art direction
  • editorial design
  • visual identity
  • web design

Ivy, in Spain commonly called Yedra, is a variety of the Araliaceae family which includes 15 species of perennial, woody and climbing plants, very characteristic of the gardens and courtyards of Andalusia. Yedra also gives its name to this architectural studio that lives for and by the Albaicín of Granada. Its architecture work is based on the tradition, craftsmanship and culture of the neighborhood. The traditional architecture starts from the place, and adapts to its climate and culture, key ingredients for a sustainable architecture from the point of view of comfort and respect for the environment. This artisanal approach in the midst of the digital era gives Yedra a clear differentiation in its sector.

There is a close relationship between the values of Yedra, the Albaicín neighborhood, a neighborhood of artisans, and the Arts and Crafts movement, linked to design and decorative arts and whose greatest exponent was William Morris (1834-1896), artist and multitasking designer. To represent it, we based the graphic proposal on the plant of the ivy that gives the studio its name, the Fajalauza pottery of the Albaicín and the plant motifs of William Morris to create a corporate pattern that accompanies the logo in all the pieces of the visual identity, whether digital or printed.